Classical Forms

This series of still life paintings, combining geometric shapes with realistic natural forms, offers what Cole describes as “an escape into pure creativity.” Metal reflective objects like spheres and pyramids sit on or near window sills. Through the windows, cloud-mottled blue skies glow, while around these objects, draperies fall or billow. The term “classic” often used in the titles is an indication of Cole’s intentions.

The group of paintings, according to Cole, “began as evolution using primary forms” and has ended up becoming “a reflection of the human condition.” In this series, Cole has sought to capture the essence of beauty and dignity—two of the most eternal elements—striving to bring the ideal to fruition.

“I read that what man fears most is not death, but extinction with insignificance. The world becomes significant when I ask questions, and I use my art to pose questions to both myself and those who view my works. These paintings ask: What are the things I cannot see?

“In this series of paintings, I have chosen to use basic geometric shapes, reflective surfaces, textures, and light to invite the viewer to see the world and the artist in a different way. I strive for simplicity of subject matter in these works and try to represent various aspects of life while depicting a subtle self-portrait, either in actuality or in concept.”

Representative works from this series are below. To view an excerpt of an interview in which Cole discusses the “Classical Forms” series, click here.