Leonardo Da Vinci, Revisited

“As a realist artist, I have always admired Leonardo da Vinci’s works and made a point of seeing his actual creations whenever possible. I was intrigued by his genius and his fascination with learning and, the more I read, the more I wanted to capture the feeling of creativity in my own works.

“The year 2002 represents da Vinci’s 550th birthday. As a tribute to his extraordinary contributions to art and science, I thought it fitting to engage in a concentrated study his life and achievements and create a body of art inspired by his works. Working in two-dimensional paintings and drawings, as well as three-dimensional mixed media, I generated pieces based on themes found throughout da Vinci’s work.

“The resulting series, Leonardo Da Vinci Revisited, includes paintings, drawings, and mixed media.”

Representative works from this series are below. To view an excerpt of an interview in which Cole discusses the “Leonardo Da Vinci, Revisited” series, click here.